Jack Polgar

Git and Changing File Name Case on OS X

I recently had to change the case of file names from lower case to capitalized on OS X, however OS X is a case-insensitive system.

The solution was easy.

I used a USB drive, but a small partition can be created then merged back into the main partition once we're done.

What we need to do is create an OS X case-sensitive file system, either on our USB drive or a small partition when space freed up from the main partition.

Launch Disk Utility, if you're using a USB drive, backup any files you want to keep, then reformat. However if you need to create a partition you will need to resize your main partition then create a new smaller partition.

Remember to format with the case-sensitive file system.

Next, clone your repository onto the new case-sensitive file system drive/partition and rename the files you want to change the case of.

And that's all you need to do. If you no longer need the case-sensitive file system simply reformat the drive or remove the partition and add the space back to the main partition.